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  • Sun 31st Jan 2016 - 9:48pm

    Rank: SFC 3 (maj 5 on NA account, ign: PolyFreak)

    Age: 19

    Country: France for a couple years at least

    Past ign: well my NA ign is PolyFreak

    Been playing the game since 04/07/2008, on and off.

    Why SurrealEvasion? Well first and foremost ive known mike for a litle while now and id like to play with some older players, and it seems to be a serious gaming project. I also like the games played :) (I play LoL and HearthStone).

    Will i be loyal? As long as this project keeps developing then i will be happy to stay, and to help it grow.

    Id like to add that if any members wanna play with me or contact me for anything that wd be cool cuz i dont rly know anyone right now playing ca.

    PS: no im not a fcking robot



  • Sun 31st Jan 2016 - 9:49pm

    Maybe i forgot to add my current ign is PolyGoHAM

  • Tue 2nd Feb 2016 - 11:32pm

    Good Luck man! Add the members in game.

  • Wed 3rd Feb 2016 - 12:18pm

    Goodluck man

  • Mon 21st Nov 2016 - 11:57am

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